Why Going To The Gym As A Group Can Make You Stronger

Going to the gym with a partner or in a group can help you become stronger. As long as you don't compete too much with the others.

Why Going To The Gym As A Group
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Why Going To The Gym As A Group

Working out alone is a great way to put some time aside for yourself. Sometimes nothing beats a good workout session with nothing but you and your headphones, cut off from the world and focused on the work that needs to be done at that moment. However, this is no reason to avoid social contact with other members around you every time. On the contrary, you may be surprised at how much group training can help you to progress.

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Whether with two or three training partners or even in group classes, working out with other people is above all a good way to stay serious when it comes to your routine. ‘Group workouts promote “adherence,” when there is a commitment to somebody else, we are more likely to show up,' Bob Corb, a sports psychologist said to Men'sHealth.com. The hardest part is usually getting up off the couch, so when you don't want to let someone down, you will be able to move more easily. It doesn't matter if you feel like going or not.

Comparing yourself in order to be able to situate yourself in relation to others

‘By measuring oneself against similar people, this can help foster self-improvement because it shows that being better is possible. Group workouts help provide that reference point for comparison in a way that working out alone does not.’ Bob Corb@Men’sHealth.com

In other words, this is a classic social phenomenon. When we are in a group, we have to compare ourselves to others, just to know where we stand, what our level is. It is not about jealousy or feeling superior to others. We're bound to give a little more if we're in a group or a group class because no one wants to be seen as lazy.

Become a better athlete and a better human being

All this, not to mention the morale that comes from working out with others. The others will push you to give your best, you will help each other and create a kind of small workout community. Not to mention the benefits this can bring to your social life.

‘Humans are community creatures. We want to fit in. A desire to fit into a well-run, safe, welcoming community will only turn people into better humans. You rise and fall to the level of those around you.’ Michael Vanchieri, nutrition and fitness coach

Be in a healthy environment

As long as the group to which you belong remains caring and motivating, you will be constantly progressing. A little competitiveness can help a group to rise up, but at the same time, it can also become harmful.

If the spirit of competition becomes too strong, egos will be affected. What started as a simple comparison between two people could become a race for better performance. The risk-taking will become greater, which can lead to injuries, and especially to a very bad atmosphere in the group.

Choose carefully who you work out with, what is your vision for the workout, your goals and desires. Once you find the right partners, don't let them go. Seeing them progress is just as rewarding as seeing yourself progress.

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