This is the proper way to do push-ups

Everybody has heard of push-ups, but when it comes to doing them properly, that's another story. The classic version of this exercise meant for strengthening your pectorals and triceps is simple and effective. We'll walk you through the process.

This Is The Proper Way To Do Push-Ups
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This Is The Proper Way To Do Push-Ups

Classic push-ups are a must when it comes to weight training, especially when you want to strengthen from home without going to the gym. To build upper body strength and target the pectorals and triceps, you absolutely must be effective with these three movements.

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An important position

You need to be in planking position using your arms, and the whole abdominal belt. This will make it easier for you to raise yourself up and down during the exercise. Place your hands at shoulder width and level, with your back straight, and perform the push-ups by controlling your descent and rising with power.

Work on your explosiveness and arm power by using reactive reps. Don't forget to contract your pectoral muscles, as this is the main muscle that needs to be worked on during your push-ups.

Several variations

There are countless variations to make your push-up set a little more complicated. Diamond pushups, military pushups, one-armed push-ups, you have no shortage of choices and everyone can work at their own pace.

Diamond push-ups: this style of push-up is perfect for putting more strain on your arms, and more precisely, on your triceps. Indeed, the position remains relatively the same, only the placement of your hands change. To do this, tighten them to form a pyramid by connecting your fingers. You will feel the difference very quickly by doing push-ups in this way. The pressure will be transferred more deeply to your triceps.

Military push-ups: here too the position remains the same as for classic push-ups, the only change is during the ascent. Instead of staying planked on your arms, you have to let your torso touch the ground by raising your hands. More complicated than the classic push-up, you have to extend yourself. Here you work your biceps at first, and of course your pectorals as well.

One-armed push-ups: The ultimate exercise for any weight training or fitness enthusiast, one-armed push-ups are, for many, the goal to reach. For this reason, Samuel Ebenezer has developed a position that will allow you to succeed. The trick is simple, all you have to do is hook one arm to an anchor point. Stretch it out so that it remains tense despite the uncomfortable position. By working exclusively with one hand, you can put a lot of pressure on your biceps. Since it is very strenuous for the arms, don't hesitate to do sets at your own pace, and have a lot of rest between each one.

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