5 fittest celebrity bodyguards that’ll inspire you to hit the gym

If you've been wanting to get some exercise and are lacking motivation, here are five of the fittest and most active bodyguards that'll motivate you to get moving.

Celeb Bodyguards
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Celeb Bodyguards

It’s not easy being a world famous celebrity and that role comes with a whole mountain of burdens and challenges—including being chased by crazy fans and even crazier paparazzi. That’s why you’ll never see your favourite personalities without their precious bodyguards.

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Bodyguards don’t all have to be big and bulky, but you do have to be in good shape in order to fend off large crowds of people.

Here are five of the fittest celebrity bodyguards that will motivate you to get healthy and hit the gym.

Ojay Price

Whether or not Ojay Price is still hovering around Cardi B remains unknown but in 2019, Price made the headlines as people couldn’t take their eyes off the handsome fella. According to his Instagram page, he now has his own business in protection services. He may not be a bodyguard anymore, but it looks like he’s been working hard to stay fit.

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Mikey Arana

Another man who has been killing it in the fitness department is Justin Bieber’s bodyguard, Mikey Arana. Naturally, Bieber has a whole entourage of hired protection professionals but Mikey Arana is the head of his security. According to CelebAnswers, he used to be a former police officer.

From what we can see on his Instagram page, Arana spends a lot of time doing multiple forms of physical activity including boxing and going to the gym.

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Tim Chung

In 2018, Kylie Jenner’s then-bodyguard Tim Chung absolutely stole the spotlight from the billionaire. In fact, he was all anyone could talk about for a while. People went so far as to speculate that Stormi was actually Chung’s daughter. He denied all the rumours and has kept a low profile since then.

Apart from being incredibly good looking, Chung’s body wowed the crowds as well. We’re not surprised given that he is a cop in the Los Angeles Police Department, and a part time model! Seventeen reported that he also loves basketball and plays for the LAPD blue team.

Sebastian Jondeau

While Karl Lagerfield was alive, he always had one man by his side and that was Sebastian Jondeau. Jondeau was his bodyguard, assistant, chauffeur, and is still a brand ambassador for Karl Lagerfield menswear. Their relationship has been so profound that the bodyguard even recently launched a book about his experience with the German director and fashion designer called, Ca va, cher Karl? earlier this year.

The French man is now 46 years old and even though his guarding days are behind him, he is still as fit as a fiddle.

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Peter Van Der Veen

Peter Van Der Veen is certainly on demand as he’s been the bodyguard of two stellar singers, Lady Gaga and Adele. Looking at how fit he keeps himself, we know exactly why celebrities are ready to scoop him up as soon as he’s free. According to his LinkedIn profile, he is currently the Director of Security at Mermaid Touring in Los Angeles, but he used to work as a police officer in Amsterdam.

The Dutch bodyguard lives a very private life, so we have no idea what his fitness routine consists of. But as per at the photos on his fan pages, it looks like he definitely hits the gym at least one time a day.

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