Working from home? These tips will motivate you to stay active

This is the ideal amount of time during which to exercise in order to compensate for the sedentary nature of working from home.

Working from home? These tips will motivate you to stay active
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Working from home? These tips will motivate you to stay active

In 2020, many companies have opted to have their employees work from home. This initiative allows employees to avoid public transport and limit contact with other colleagues in order to help combat the pandemic. This new way of working has allowed many to have more time for themselves, and increase their productivity.

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However, if working from home has the advantage of keeping us away from Covid-19 by limiting contact with the outside world, at the same it makes us leaves certain good habits behind. For many of us, this new way of working equals a sedentary lifestyle. The longest journey of the day sometimes boils down to a return trip to the rubbish bin. The best way to compensate for this sedentary lifestyle, as you may have guessed, is exercise.

Exercise to counterbalance the sedentary nature of working from home

When working from home, it is sometimes difficult to swap your pyjamas for trainers. In addition to this, you have to consider the weather: whether in the evening or in the morning, it is dark out and temperatures are falling. In short, not everyone has the desire to exercise, quite the contrary in fact.

However, to stay healthy, it is essential to be active every day and ideally, to be physically active every day. This is an important way to counteract the comforts of home!

The British Journal of Sports Medicine recommends a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise per day. While the global pandemic is confining people and encouraging a sedentary lifestyle, doctors make no secret of their concern. To maintain a long life expectancy and a strong constitution, regular exercise is essential. These recommendations are in line with the WHO's recommendation to practice between 75 and 300 minutes of exercise per week.

How to motivate yourself to exercise?

Morale is not very high during this health crisis. Exercise is not only good for you physically, but also mentally. Exercise regulates emotions, sleep, and mood. If you take an hour a day away from screens and devote yourself to physical activity, you will be amazed at the effects. Here are a few tips to motivate you to take up exercise and fight against a sedentary lifestyle:

  • Choose a way of exercising that suits you. Instead of results, think of something you enjoy doing. If you don't like weight training, you can do some push-ups instead.
  • Exercise at home, but not only at home. In fact, if the temperature outside is making you stay indoors, allow yourself two sessions a week outdoors; it’s important to get some fresh air and oxygen.
  • Motivate people to accompany you, either in person or by video. It's always easier when you have other people with you.
  • Prepare your workout sessions in advance with a schedule. Checking off the boxes for the sessions you have completed is motivating and encouraging.
  • Don't forget to put on music, it's the key to motivation.
  • If you wish, you can buy yourself a new workout outfit to provide motivation.
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