This Bodybuilder From Ghana Will Make You Forget All Your Excuses For Not Hitting The Gym

Some people in life sit around and whinge about the bum hand they may have been dealt in life. Samuel Kulbila is not one of those people.

samuel kulbila
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samuel kulbila

One of our most common excuses for not getting back in shape (if there ever was a time) is the fact that gym memberships are so bloody expensive.

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For 25-year-old Samuel Kulbila, he wasn’t going to let the lack of access to a proper gym stop him from achieving his dreams of becoming a bodybuilder.

The young man from Ghana showed just how resourceful he could be by creating his very own gym in his yard using scrap material he found. Using scrap metal, wood, and cement he was able to create a true weight room fit for any weightlifter.

Judging by his results, we can safely say that the fancy equipment we can find at high-end gyms is not necessary to sculpt a buff body. Hats off to this lad for the impressive work!

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