5 devices that should never be plugged into a power strip

Power strips can be very handy, but they can be dangerous when misused. Here are a few devices that should not be connected to these objects.

5 devices that should not be plugged into a power strip
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5 devices that should not be plugged into a power strip

When wall sockets are lacking in a room, power strips and extension cords are sometimes the only possible solution for connecting several devices. However, these handy objects can be dangerous when used carelessly.

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According to the Izi blog, by EDF:

In France, more than 30% of domestic fires are caused by an electrical problem.

The five devices on this list are big energy consumers and should not be plugged into a power strip.

A fridge / freezer

A fridge / freezer NRD

We will not teach you that refrigerators and freezers consume a lot of electricity all the time. According to Engie, the French industrial energy group:

The consumption of a refrigerator corresponds to almost a quarter of household energy expenditure, i.e., approximately 200 to 500 kWh/year.

Knowing that a power strip can only deliver a limited amount of energy, it is recommended to plug large household appliances into a wall outlet.

A microwave oven

Microwave ovens are not as energy intensive as refrigerators, but they also have the ability to cause overheating or even power strip surges, especially if the grill function is used. According to Plüm, a microwave oven can use up to 1300 Watts of power. For this reason, they should preferably be plugged into a wall socket.

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A washing machine

In the 'electricity-intensive appliances' category, washing machines (washing machines, dishwashers, but also tumble dryers) rank the highest. It seems obvious, but it is important not to connect these devices to a power strip. Just like microwaves and refrigerators, plug them into a wall outlet.

A toaster

It may come as a surprise, but toasters are also big energy consumers. However, their use is much more sporadic, which explains why their annual consumption is much lower than that of refrigerators and other ovens.

A straightening iron

A straightening iron  Shari Sirotnak

Straightening irons works in a similar way to toasters, both have high resistance. In other words, they heat up very quickly to accomplish its task. You should avoid plugging this into a power strip.

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