This is what gyms will look like when they reopen on 12 April

Gyms have been closed because of the pandemic.

Gyms reopen 12 April
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Gyms reopen 12 April

How we miss our gyms! Closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, fitness complexes have left millions of people without one of their favourite activities. For now, workout sessions are being done at home, and, even if it is possible to obtain results by carrying out these exercises, dumbbells and other workout equipment is terribly lacking.

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But we have some good news! Gyms will reopen starting on Monday 12 April. Hallelujah! However, things will be looking a little different at your local gym.

What will gyms be like when we can access them again? Here are some answers.

Bookings to come and work out

Just before they closed, many gyms had set up a system of booking time slots to come and work out. No booking, no session, it was as simple as that. This kind of system should be put in place again when gyms reopen in order to control and limit the number of people present in the gym, and the risks of contamination.

Mandatory exercise masks for all

As mentioned above, brands are currently busy creating exercise masks. French Minister of Sports Roxana Maracineanu, for example, is counting heavily on this product and should make it compulsory when gyms reopen, as she explained in February:

It is hoped that once the spring break is over, the rules can be relaxed in certain areas, including sports. The idea is not to close again afterwards, by using this protective mask.

Outdoor training equipment

Faced with the closure, some companies have innovated and moved equipment outside to allow their clients to continue working out. This is a widespread practice when it comes to CrossFit that could become the norm when gyms reopen. By doing this, the risk of contamination is limited, since being out in the fresh air helps.

Locker rooms closed

Like amateur sports, such as football since its resumption, gyms could be obliged to close their changing rooms in order not to encourage contamination. Some had already taken these measures before their closure. You should arrive ready and dressed, do your session, and then take your shower at home.

Workout programs to do at home

What if the gym came to you? This is what several companies are already offering, with special subscriptions to access programmes which can be carried out at home while gyms are closed. This is a practice that appeals to people, allows companies to hold out financially, and could continue to be developed in the future. The closure of fitness complexes has at least allowed people to discover new ways of working out.

In the meantime, check out our video above for a great home workout!

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