This Special Upper Body Workout Program Will Get You In Shape For Christmas

To get ready for the New Year celebrations and the excess weight that goes with it, it’s probably worth doing a bit more exercise now to compensate. Here is a specially formulated program to strengthen your upper body to get in shape for Christmas.

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Christmas is the time for overeating and letting yourself go a bit. It’s the end of the year, every member of the family generally eats (and drinks) more than they should. So to get in shape before the holidays, you have to work for it. For the upper body, we will be focusing on classic weight training and your muscles will be ready for the masses of turkey that you’re going to eat during the celebrations. By doing this workout, you’ll still be able to enjoy all the festive food you want without feeling too guilty.

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Upper body Christmas program

1. Bench presses: 10-12 reps

Focus: Pectorals and triceps

Tip: Make sure to tense your pecs whilst pushing the bar or weights up

2. Shoulder presses with dumbbells: 10-12 reps

Focus: Shoulders

Tip: Try not to let your elbows drop below shoulder height.

3. One-arm dumbbell row: 10-12 reps

Focus: Back

Tip: Try to stay straight and flat, don’t arch your back while performing this exercise

4. Concentration curl: 10-12 reps

Focus: Biceps

Tip: Your body should be kept still and rigid during this exercise, only your biceps should be working

5. Three-part ab finisher: 20 seconds per position

Focus: Abs

Tip: Perfect for finishing your workout

Coaches tip: Try to work with quite heavy weights, aim for 65% of your maximum load.

Number of sets: 2/3/4 per exercise depending on your level.

Rest: 1min30 between sets

To focus on all areas of your upper body, the two first exercises are exercises that use more than one muscle. Bench presses and shoulder presses require more than one muscle to work. Then you’ll be focusing on your biceps and back before finishing with your abs to get you sweating a bit. This workout can be done two or three times a week and is perfectly suitable for beginners as well.

Check out the video above for more tips on our special Christmas workout!

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