This Workout Will Seriously Improve Your Performance Between The Sheets

Sex uses a lot of muscles that you don’t normally use during the day and you’ll last a lot longer if your body is prepared for this type of exercise in bed. Here are a few exercises that you can add to your workout routine to help you out in this department.

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Men have a huge ego when it comes to weight training, and this is massively exaggerated when it comes to the bedroom. And yet, very few of you are aware that when you’re making love, you use different muscles to the ones you generally use on a daily basis, especially nowadays since our lifestyles have become a lot more desk-bound. It's been proven by studies that physical exercise can massively improve your performance in the bedroom.

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So to make sure you’re up to scratch physically, or even just to give you a bit more confidence, you have to work on different muscles and try different techniques. Cardio, strength and power, it’s up to you which weak points you choose to focus on to make you stronger.

Cardio (3 sets):

- Sprint: 2 minutes maximum outside or on a treadmill

- Going up and down stairs: you should do this at least twice

- Lunge jumps: 10 reps on each leg

Power (3 sets):

- Lunges with a loaded bar on your shoulders: 8 reps on each leg

- Bent-over row with a loaded bar: 8 reps

- Planking whilst lifting your back leg: 10 reps on each leg

Strength (4 sets):

- Squats with free weights or dumbbells with one leg resting on a support: 8 reps on each leg

- Rope slams: 30 reps without a break

Check out the video above for more workout tips and tricks that will improve your performance between the sheets then click here to find out how long women really want you to last in bed!

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