6 Reasons Why Your Workout Felt Like A Waste

If you feel that after your workout session you have not accomplished anything, it is probably because of one of these reasons.

6 Reasons Why Your Workout Felt Like A Waste
6 Reasons Why Your Workout Felt Like A Waste

Going to the gym is a good idea. But sometimes afterwards one has the feeling of not having really achieved what one wanted to. Besides the endorphins which were released in the brain, something is wrong and there is a problem somewhere. It's time to take the bull by the horns and deal with what is keeping you from progressing and enjoying your sessions.

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You are not focused on what you’re doing

This is probably one of the most common reasons for a session that was wasted. It is true that the gym can be a meeting place for exchanges and some distractions. But all this must also be combined with working out efficiently. Going to the gym to talk to a friend and lengthening your rest time by two or three is bad. So is spending time watching others, checking your phone or worse, checking out the girl squatting next to you. Leave her alone, she is working out more than you are. Focus on why you are there.

Your diet clearly leaves something to be desired

Do we really need to develop this point? Food is your fuel to move forward in everyday life. Eating anything will not give you enough nutrients and energy to have a good workout. We’re not saying that you have to change everything, but try to keep a balanced diet, you’ll notice that the results should be seen quickly.

You were up all night again

The episode of Game of Thrones was released just before you went to bed, so your night was short and in the morning you have a hard time staying awake. A lack of sleep or a bad sleep will completely slow down your progress. Your muscles will not have time to recover properly and you are more likely to hurt yourself. If you start a workout session and have trouble warming up, go home to sleep. At worst, take a break for a week.

You don’t change up your routine

Variety is the key. By lifting the same weights and doing the same exercises, your body will get used to it. The result? Muscles that don’t change, get bored and a brain that goes into autopilot. Your sessions are like a routine, you are bored and it would be almost better for you to stay at home. Change the program, try new exercises, vary angles and execution tempos. Bodybuilding is one of the sports where you can diversify your training almost to infinity. Enjoy it.

You have no objective

This goes hand in hand with the point explained just above. If you do not change anything up, you will not achieve your goals. Even worse, you will end up forgetting them. Remind yourself why you signed up. Is this goal still attainable? Do I still want to reach for it or do I aspire to something else today? Take some time to think about it.

You’re not using the right supplements

Many of us take dietary supplements. But what works for one does not necessarily work for another. Try to see if your post-workout shake is still the one you need or not. At worst, do not take anything for a while, just to see if that's where the problem is coming from.

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