This Medicine Ball Workout Will Put Your Abs And Legs To The Test

In just over a minute, this circuit will set your abs and legs on fire.

This Medicine Ball Workout
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This Medicine Ball Workout

It might look like it's just a leg workout, but it's also avery effective ab workout. DeMarcus Ware, who is known for his medicine ball workouts, shared one of his new circuits. He insists that we are much stronger than we think.

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Think about something or someone that weighs 150lbs (68 kg). Imagine picking them up and holding them just above your waist. Then imagine moving your body a little bit... that’s what THIS feels like. Maybe imagine picking up a child, a lot of mothers out there hold 20 to 30-pound (9-13 kg) children and carry them for minutes. Point is, we’re stronger than we think and the mind always tells the body what to do. Unnecessary worrying (especially about working out) can create problems that don’t even exist. CHOOSE to have faith in your process.

In this short circuit, DeMarcus Ware doesn't do anything too complicated. He grabs a medicine ball, passes a few hurdles, does a few squats and ends with box jumps. An excellent circuit to train legs, but it doesn't stop there.

If you hold the medicine ball up as high as you can, in front of your chest, you'll engage your abdominals. Tighten your glutes and stand straight to avoid putting pressure on your lower back, then start marching for 20 or 30 seconds (if you don't have hurdles). Do the same for squats.

As with many exercises, maintaining your balance alone naturally engages your abdominals. You can repeat this circuit 3-5 times at the beginning of your workout.

This simple medicine ball workout will help you burn fat and work your abs! This simple medicine ball workout will help you burn fat and work your abs!