Does Sweating Necessarily Mean That You Had A Good Workout?

Is getting a good sweat on necessarily a sign of a good workout session? Not always…

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‘Yeah, it was great, I sweated a lot.’ To justify the effectiveness of a workout session, sweating is often used as evidence. While it is of course linked to the intensity of your efforts, sweating is absolutely not proof of a successful workout session.

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Sweating is above all a response to the increase in your heart rate. However, some sessions and exercises do not require you to sweat much.

When we work on strength, for example, it is not your heart that will suffer the most, but your joints and muscles directly. Often shorter, these sessions do not make you sweat more than normal, even though their effectiveness no longer has to be proven.

Another important factor to consider when asking this question is genetics. As you will have noticed in your daily life, not all of us are equal when it comes to sweating, whether it be in the office or in the gym.

Some will sweat a lot, despite not necessarily putting in a superhuman workout. Others, on the other hand, no matter how active they may be, don’t need to change their shirt (please do it anyway).

It is therefore time to stop counting your efforts in millilitres of sweat, and instead trust how you feel.

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