This Is The Brutal Fitness Test All Watford Players Have To Go Through

During pre-season at Watford, all players fear the same thing: the terrible treadmill test.

Watford FC fitness test
© Watford FC - Youtube
Watford FC fitness test

All footballers know it. If you want to have a good season fitness-wise, you have to suffer to prepare for it, it’s an unavoidable truth! Remember the footage showing what Liverpool players had to go through to prepare for the season? Where we saw James Milner smash absolutely everyone in the endurance tests…

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And clearly, Watford is no exception to the rule. On the club’s YouTube channel, you can find lots of videos showing how players prepare for the season, and in particular, the fitness tests imposed on their new recruit: Danny Welbeck.

The former Arsenal player has recently discovered the terrible treadmill test which is a tradition at Watford. The speed of the treadmill increases every 30 seconds and the aim of the game is to go as far as possible. The player then has a blood sample taken every 2 minutes so that they can do further analysis of his capabilities. A joy for staff who collect valuable data during the rest of season. For Welbeck however, it wasn’t that fun.

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