Prevent premature ejaculation thanks to this workout

One can avoid premature ejaculation and improve their physical performance during lovemaking, using this workout.

A special workout to prevent premature ejaculation
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A special workout to prevent premature ejaculation

Sex is like bodybuilding. To succeed, you have to train and listen. Practice is the best way to improve, but one can also become better by preparing oneself physically. Better cardio, more strength or resistance can help. But beware, this is not a question of preparing a performance here, but simply to give practical advice in order to be more comfortable and avoid inconvenience due to a physical problem. An accident can quickly occur.

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For premature ejaculation, kegels

Many men are affected by premature ejaculation. Although the subject is taboo, most have a rather oversized ego when it comes to talking about what is happening below the belt, it is possible to solve this little problem by practicing what is called kegels.

These exercises work on the urinary sphincter as well as other muscles that control ejaculation. Thus, there are several possible positions, and the goal is to contract the pelvis, such as when one refrains from urinating. Contract for one to two seconds and release. Do this movement for three to four sets of 30 repetitions, and this about three to four times a week. Be careful not to contract the glutes, but the pelvis.

The workout to be ‘physically ready to jump into bed’

1. Hindu pushups: 10 reps

This movement will allow you to control your body and have enough strength not to fall on your partner in certain positions.

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2. Front squats with a bag: 5 to 10 reps

Can easily be used in case you are holding your partner up, but also strengthens the legs.

3. Hip thrusts: 3 series of 10 reps

The strength of the pelvis is worked. No need to spell out what this exercise is for.

Practice this workout regularly and your body will quickly be better prepared to jump into bed with your partner. It does not necessarily work 100% and on everyone, but feeling good physically is a good start to building trust. The rest is up to you to manage.

This special workout can help to avoid premature ejaculation This special workout can help to avoid premature ejaculation