Callisthenics: An Intense But Beginner-Friendly Workout

This full workout plan is great for anyone who wants to get into Calisthenics and start training at a high intensity on a regular basis.

Calisthenics: An Intense But Beginner-Friendly Workout
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Calisthenics: An Intense But Beginner-Friendly Workout

Callisthenics practitioners all know that performing a variety of exercises is one of the keys to success. In this video, you'll see two workout plans for beginners and amateurs, with progressions for different exercises.

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Another version of the street workout

Callisthenics is similar to the street workout in that both combine bodybuilding with gymnastics. The idea is simply to mix strength with flexibility, balance, and agility. Many people are fascinated by the street workout, which is very popular in the United States. In fact, it has won over all kinds of athletes.

Callisthenics is extremely technical and requires a great deal of strength. Just looking at some exercises can be intimidating. The "flag'' is particularly popular with athletes. It's a demonstration of strength and mastery for those who are into the street workout.

An accessible program

Many of the exercises in the video are centred around the core. Endurance and core strength are the basic requirements for callisthenics. This program will greatly increase both.

- Static pull-ups: a classic. Do 8 reps of this pull-up variation. The difference here is that this exercise is static. The goal is to hold for 5 seconds at the top while keeping your arms under tension. It'll work your shoulders and biceps, as well as your forearms.

- Elevated pushups: this exercise looks like a normal pushup, except you'll be slighting inclined. Putting yourself in positions that you aren't used to performing your exercises in will help you work on your balance and your arms' resistance.

- Leg raises: lie down on the ground, put your legs together and lift them up to form a 90º angle. Do 10 repetitions, making sure to lower your legs with control and keep your upper body down. This exercise will definitely strengthen your core.

- Inverted rows: this is one of the most effective exercises to build a strong back. Just like incline pushups, it'll test your balance and the strength of your arms. (15 reps)

- Dips: lean on a stable and solid platform, like a bench, and simply do 10 dips. This will work a muscle that is often overlooked: the triceps. Much of the strength of your arms comes from this muscle, so it's very important to work it.

- Squats: once again, you know the drill. Just do 20 air squats. Working with bodyweight teaches you how to efficiently control the movement while working your lower body.

All you have to do is follow this professional trainer's instructions to the T. You can do it outdoors or in a weight room, so no more excuses! You can finally get the body of your dreams thanks to the exercises above.

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