5 Exercises To Build Up Your Pecs Using Dumbbells

Working with dumbbells is a technique that proves beneficial, especially in terms of technique and balance. Here is a workout session to do using just dumbbells.

5 Exercises To Build Up Your Pecs Using Dumbbells
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5 Exercises To Build Up Your Pecs Using Dumbbells

The pec session is concretely one, or even the favourite workout session of all bodybuilding enthusiasts! There are countless exercises and variations to work the pectorals efficiently and thoroughly. Whether it's with the barbell, dumbbells, pulley or even kettlebells, the possibilities are endless.

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Here is a quick workout session that doesn't last more than 30 minutes, but that will allow you to complete your training with another muscle group, or simply do it on days when you don't have a lot of time.

5 exercises to target the pectorals

- Bench press: very effective as a way to increase your strength, the goal here is to have a fairly heavy load given the small number of repetitions. In the descending phase, control the descent of the weight well (about 6 seconds) and be as explosive as possible in the pushing phase. With this rhythm, you will improve your explosiveness and your ability to support heavier weights.

4 sets of 5 repetitions

- Incline press: for this exercise, incline your bench by 30° and perform the same movement as before. The difference with the classic bench press is that this variation works the top of the pectorals. Regarding the rhythm, count 2 seconds for the descent phase and 1 second for the concentric phase.

2 sets of 15 then 1 set of 12 repetitions

- Incline press: exactly like exercise 2, only the descent phase lasts 3 seconds instead of 2 seconds. Do not hesitate to lower the weights in order to perform the exercise correctly and maximise the effort.

2 sets of 10 then 1 set of 7 repetitions

- Fly: unlike the previous exercises, you do not necessarily work on strength but more on mobility. The stretching action opens the rib cage. The movement to be performed is different from the previous ones since you have to keep your elbows bent and raise your arms in the middle of your pectorals. In addition to the dumbbells, you can also use the pulley in order to have a more regular resistance.

2 sets of 8 repetitions

- Pull-overs: again, it is up to you to determine the load you want to work with. For this exercise do not necessarily use a lot of weight. You can injure your shoulders with dislocations if you can't support the weight. It is extremely effective, and it creates large pectorals, triceps, the teres major muscle and the large dorsal muscle.

2 sets of 8 repetitions

With this program, you will be able to combine strength, hypertrophy and flexibility. We also remind you that it is necessary to warm-up well before starting this program, otherwise, you may be confronted with injuries, especially to the shoulders for the last exercise.

Don't hesitate to stretch after a pectoral session. Many exercises do not only involve the pectorals, such as the biceps and deltoids. You can find simple stretches to do even at home to stretch the pectoral muscle group.

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