Maximise your training regime during lockdown with out 100% effective tips

In order to maximise the effects of your strength training program, Myprotein supplements could be the way to go. And that's good to know, since they are currently offering up to 80% off on their products.

Maximise your training regime during lockdown with out 100% effective tips
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Maximise your training regime during lockdown with out 100% effective tips

Lockdown is coming again! Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced this weekend that the UK will be going back into a full lockdown. But this could be a good opportunity for some of us to kick our motivation back into gear and there are lots of tips available for exercising at home, including the routines we regularly publish to strengthen and target different areas of your body.

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Of course, exercise is an essential part of building muscle, but nutrition is also important if you want to achieve your goals. On that note, Myprotein have some products that are perfect for this and we now have a promotional code that will save you a whopping 50% + 35% on all of their products. Just enter GENTEXTRA before heading to the checkout.

Building your arms at home with Myprotein

You don't have to go to the gym to build arms of steel. This particular routine includes various exercises that will target your biceps and triceps and you don't need any equipment so you can do them right at home, like push-ups for example.

But if you want to make your routine even more effective, why not add in Myprotein's Impact Whey Protein in addition to your regular diet. Faster muscle growth guaranteed.

A varied offer from Myprotein

My Myprotein doesn't just sell Whey products though, but offers many other products that are also available with our promo code GENTEXTRA.

For example, you could even get yourself some peanut butter for some extra fiber and protein for your diet and regime.

And if you're feeling greedy and fancy giving their other products a try, Myprotein also offers protein brownies so there's no reason now to avoid extras during your weight training routine.

There's something for everyone at Myprotein and this special offer applies to a wide range of products so you can reach your goals whilst still following a healthy diet. But don't forget to use the promo code GENTEXTRA to make the most of this 50% + 35% off loads of products from the Myprotein range.

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