Here are 5 everyday objects that could be deadly when misused

Some of the items we keep in our houses pose a potential threat to our lives.

5 potentially deadly everyday objects
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5 potentially deadly everyday objects

We sometimes buy things without asking a lot of questions regarding their composition. For the most part it has no negative consequences for us, but sometimes its misuse can be dangerous. Here is a list of 5 deadly objects around you.

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1. Cherries

Cherries  Olesia Bahrii

These fruits are frequently linked with beauty and tenderness but did you know that a lethal poison is hidden inside their lovely red packaging? This is due to the presence of amygdalin in cherry pits, which when digested produces hydrogen cyanide. Nonetheless, we reassure you: to suffer from a fatal consequence, you'd have to eat a lot of cherry pits and chew them thoroughly!

2. Nail polish

Although this substance is not ingested (at least not directly), it does not make it any less harmful. Some nail polishes include chemicals like toluene and acrylate which irritate the body, dibcétylphtalae—which affects hormone distribution and is also a carcinogenic.

We must be cautious about what we use so choose nail varnishes that are non-toxic and water-based.

3. Power strip

When wall sockets are scarce, we are quickly tempted to opt for a power strip. And when electronic objects accumulate, a power strip is sometimes not enough. That's when many people use the so-called 'cascade power strip' technique. However, it's not such a great idea. According to Izi:

Never plug a power strip into a power strip.

The risks? Short circuit, over-voltage, overheating, and fire.

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4. Salmon

Salmon Caroline Attwood

Salmon usually takes the lead in the category of 'healthy food.'  However, ingesting too much of it might be bad for health. Carcinogens or endocrine disruptors have been found in salmon flesh as a result of water pollution. But, salmon remains beneficial for your general health, owing to its high vitamin and omega-3 concentration.

5. Coffee

Finally, we'll round up this list with a common item about which we have little concerns: coffee.

In fact, coffee overdose may kill you. According to the Caffeineinform tool, a 70 kg person would have to drink the equivalent of 137 espresso shots to have a fatal overdose.

Moral of the story: If you measure your quants, you will be alright.

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