Forget Tinder, Facebook Dating is finally available in the UK!

Initially planned for the beginning of 2020, Facebook Dating is finally available in the UK. Post photos, stories and find your soulmate among your Facebook friends. Tinder’s new competitor looks rather promising…

Forget Tinder, Facebook Dating is finally available in the UK!
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Forget Tinder, Facebook Dating is finally available in the UK!

We’re not going to lie to you, the recent lockdown and curfews will most likely be a problem for those who had planned to go for a night out in the upcoming weeks… And what’s worse, it might go on for a while. Although several TV channels have already planned to broadcast some rather tempting marathons to keep people occupied on an evening, those who had planned to go out and meet people will probably have to take a rain check. Especially when it comes to going on dates

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Facebook Dating, for meeting people with similar interests

Today, there are countless dating apps available including, of course. But there is now a newcomer to the game: Facebook Dating. The famous social network site launched this application in the United States last month and now the UK can make the most of this completely free dating service. Directly incorporated into the Android and iOS applications, Facebook Dating can now be used by anyone who already has a Facebook account.

According to Facebook, this service allows you to meet ‘people who like what you like. Now the groups you’re in and the events you go to can help you meet people with similar interests.’ It’s worth knowing that Facebook Dating doesn’t just copy users’ Facebook profiles. Instead, users have to create their own special dating profiles, which means that the dating service will be kept completely separate from their actual Facebook accounts and no private information will be shared.

Is your soulmate hiding among your Facebook friends?

More focused on the social events you attend, users will be able to use this service to post photos and Instagram stories on their Dating profiles and directly video call someone from a conversation thread within Facebook Dating. In addition, there is also a Secret Crush feature that will help users find their soulmates by searching through their Facebook friends and Instagram followers. This could end up rocking a few friendship boats, don’t you think?

Initially scheduled for Valentine’s Day, Facebook Dating did of course officially drop in the UK a few months late as a result of some legal issues. In case you weren’t aware, Facebook failed to provide the required information to the General Data Protection Regulation in time, something which has become quite important recently.

Now available in more than 50 countries including the UK, France, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Italy and the US, it remains to be seen whether Facebook Dating will become the next big dating app. If you’re thinking about trying it out for yourself, here’s an article of some of the worst flirting techniques you should probably avoid using!

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