Online dating: 21 questions to ask someone

When you match with someone on Tinder, it's sometimes hard to have a deep conversation that allows you to get to know them better. But maybe these 21 questions can help you out…

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If this phrase has appeared on your phone screen before, you've probably used the Tinder dating app. And when you match with someone you really like, it can be hard to get the conversation going.

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How to get to know your match?

After exchanging classic pleasantries such as ‘What do you do for a living?’ and ‘What are your hobbies?’ we are often faced with a big question: How am I going to get to know him/her better? If you've ever been in this situation, here's some news that should please you.

Tinder has collaborated with Matt Davies, a psychotherapist specialising in relationships, to create a 21-question questionnaire that will help you get to know your crush better. With this, you'll be more confident going on your first date.

21 questions to ask on your crush on Tinder

1. Describe yourself in one tweet.

2. What are the last three emojis you used?

3. What is one thing you don’t understand what all the fuss is about?

4. Which meme do you think best represents 2020?

5. To whom do you send your first message in the morning? To your parents or to your mates?

6. Live to work or work to live?

7. What was your last meal?

8. Tell me a secret about yourself that no one else knows...

9. What three words would your best friend use to describe you?

10. What is the soundtrack to your life?

11. If you could do anything in your life and be sure you would succeed, what would it be?

12. Who is your secret celebrity crush?

13. What is a very embarrassing memory that keeps you up at night?

14. TikTok or Netflix?

15. What is the craziest thing you have to do before you die?

16. Early bird or night owl?

17. In a film, who would play you?

18. Who do you think is the biggest ‘Covidiot’ of 2020?

19. What do you do when not in lockdown?

20. What disgusts you the most?

21. What's the worst excuse you've ever given to get out of a date?

With all these ideas, we’re sure you’ll be able to connect with your match!

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