This woman's chest weighs 10lbs

This woman has spent tens of thousands in the hopes of attaining the perfect body. Meet the self-proclaimed 'Barbie of Berlin.'

barbie of berlin
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barbie of berlin

Paris Herms had one goal in life—to become the most feminine woman in Germany. She calls herself the 'Berlin Barbie' and is now very proud of her new body. Considering the fortune she has spent to obtain it, we should think so!

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Thousands of pounds worth of surgery

Her face and body are worth £38,000 worth of operations of all kinds. The biggest work she's had done is on her breasts, which weigh two kilos each! Paris told The Sun:

I like big breasts because they represent femininity, which I think is great. I feel really happy right now in my body. When I think about it, I was really unhappy before...

She's now satisfied

Paris has entirely changed her appearance, but at 27, she has finally fulfilled her dream and is happy with the way she looks. In addition to her imposing chest, her nose, cheekbones and lips are all fake. She says that she really hated her old appearance:

I was really not happy at the time. I did not have breasts, a horrible nose. I did not have anything going for me. From now on, I find myself beautiful, feminine. People look at me in the street, they admire me. I really love me now. I wanted to look like a doll to look flawless.

Today, she's reached her goal. So, she's staying away from theoperating tables and enjoying her 'perfect body.'

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