He spent £130,000 to look like an Instagram filter

While some people are content with using filters just in their online lives, Aneece Malik took it a step further and made it his personal goal to become a real life Instagram filter.

Filter Man
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Filter Man

32-year-old Aneece Malik, a business owner from Manchester who lives in Turkey, loves social media to an extent where he spends at least four to five hours a day on Tiktok and Instagram. Before getting his procedures, he would never show his real face on camera and always resorted to using the filters that would snatch his cheek bones and give him plump luscious lips. He said:

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I have had TikTok and Instagram for a while but I hated posting photos of myself. I didn't like the way I looked so always used 'Pillow face' and 'snatched' filters on Instagram.
I am addicted to TikTok but needed the filter to post videos. So I'd use the filter on Instagram to record a video before posting to TikTok.

Going ham on the fillers

Even though Malik was used to getting a botox touch up here and there, he decided to go ham in the last year and made it his mission to look exactly like the filters he always uses. He added:

I have had the soprano ice laser to remove my facial and body hair a few times. It costs £1000 per session - it is the Mercedes Benz of hair removal.
I've also had fillers in my cheeks, chin and jawline to make it more defined.

Some might call his procedures unnecessary, but Malik loves his new look and spends an additional hundreds of pounds for maintenance, including monthly facials that are worth £200. Additionally, he goes to multiple practitioners to top up his fillers because they advise him against getting too much done in a short amount of time. He continued:

I am completely obsessed with my look and it has to be perfect. Some practitioners refuse to top my face up as they say I've had enough so I go to different clinics monthly.

Getting famous

After his transformation, followers started pouring in on his social media platforms. Now he’s got a steady army of 508,000 on Instagram, and he’s loving every single bit of the attention. He said:

When I am out in public, people always make eye contact with me and I know it's because they are admiring me.
Some trolls say I have ruined my face and express anger towards me as they feel I am going against my Pakistani culture.
But it's 2021, it's ok to go against the norm. My family are happy because I am and that's all that matters.
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