He spent £11,000 to look like a zombie

This 31-year-old man decided he wanted to look like a zombie, so he spent a small fortune to completely transform himself. Check out the results!

He spent £11,000 to look like a zombie
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He spent £11,000 to look like a zombie

Some people dream of looking like their idols and spend crazy amounts of money to do so. But sometimes, people decide they want to look a bit more abnormal instead. Like one man from the Czech Republic, who did everything he could to look like like Barbie, or a guy from France who went so far as to have his nose removed to look like an alien.

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In this equally unusual story, 31-year-old Anderson Garcia Rodriques, also known as Zombiepunk, living in England spent nearly £11,000 to turn himself into a zombie. Check out the video at the top of this article to see the finished result for yourself!

A real life zombie

Well known around Camden Town in London Zombiepunk got his first tattoo at the age of 17. He worked as a promoter for a tattoo artist and got paid by having his first tattoo done. Since then, he has added 14 more which cover almost his entire body. It’s also worth mentioning that one of these tattoos involved getting his entire left eyeball filled in black. Zombiepunk says his favourite tattoos are the ones on his face. He has lots of piercings in his ears, nose and even his cheeks. He has had his tongue split and sports a huge colourful mohawk as well. Alongside his one white and one black eye, he would probably fit in quite well among The Walking Dead!

A desire to be different

If you’re wondering where this desire originates from, Zombiepunk says that more than he just wants to follow his passion. However, it's not always easy to look so different. He told Gentside UK:

Every day people are testing me by putting doubts and barriers on account of the lifestyle I want to follow. People who also suffer prejudices like me criticise me. The criticism that destroys me always comes from the closest people. It kills me but punk is not dead I resist and I exist every moment.

He went on to say that he wishes people would stop criticising others just because they look different.

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