These are the surprising positive side effects of masturbation

Masturbation is a taboo subject for many, and one which does not often come up in conversations. Despite its positive effects, it does come with some risks…

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Masturbation is one of those little moments of pleasure that we usually do alone and in secret, and that we rarely talk about with others, especially those who masturbate often.

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This normal sexual practice allows the body to reach orgasm, thereby releasing endorphins, a natural opiate secreted by the hypothalamus and pituitary glands, whose functions are to relieve stress and increase pleasure.

Many benefits... in moderation

The beneficial effects of these natural opiate-like hormones fight against feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression. As Harvard medical doctor Jordan Tishler points out, masturbation relieves stress, helps you fall asleep easier, and can even ease menstrual pain in women by allowing blood flow to the pelvic area.

For women, masturbation can also help limit urinary tract infections, while for men, it can prevent prostate cancer by helping to flush out toxins that naturally accumulate in the urogenital tract.

However, the body may also face some disadvantages. In some cases, it can become addicted to masturbation if the reward system in the brain is activated too often in this way. Another problem is that masturbation is by definition a solitary act, which tends to isolate those who engage in it, and which therefore does not promote intimacy with a partner.

Having a positive outlook can actually have a positive effect on your health Having a positive outlook can actually have a positive effect on your health