Aldi's pizza oven is back in stock for the summer

After selling out quicker than you can say barbecue earlier this year, Aldi’s £39.99 pizza oven is coming back in stock—as is the famous hanging egg chair.

Pizza oven
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Pizza oven

Aldi’s portable pizza oven has two carry handles and can be used on both gas and charcoal barbecues. Made of ceramic stone and easy-to-clean stainless steel you can use it to bake 12 inch pizzas—ideal for a summer garden pizza party!

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The pizza oven was already a sell-out success earlier this year and it’s likely to sell fast again so you’ll have to be quick if you’re hoping to get your hands on one. This time, it’s going on-sale online on Sunday 9th May and will be available in Aldi stores from Sunday 16th May.

Aldi pizza oven reviews

So, what do the reviews say about the Aldi pizza oven? With a majority of 5-star reviews on Aldi’s site, the pizza oven gets an average of 4.3/5 from customers who’ve got their hands on one already. One noted that it was ‘absolutely fantastic for the price’ although many advised buying a pizza paddle separately.

Aldi will also soon be selling a Grow Your Own Pizza Garden kit for £3.99 so the kids can get involved in preparing the pizzas with home grown oregano, basil and parsley. The kit includes a planter with lid, three seed packets, plant signs, sticks and paints for decoration.

Aldi’s egg chair returns

Another popular Aldi Special Buy is returning even sooner—as the Aldi Hanging Egg Chair is set to go back on sale yet again on Sunday 25th April. The £149 garden chair has been so popular that Aldi have limited the number you can buy to one per customer—so don’t try and buy a second for a friend as your order might get cancelled!

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