How often should you be washing your jeans?

Though it might very possibly be one of the most recognizable items of clothing in the world, few actually know the frequency which we should be washing them.

How often should you be washing your jeans?
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How often should you be washing your jeans?

It's a piece of clothing that we all have in our closets, and which has the advantage of being able to be worn (almost) for any occasion. But few people really know how often to wash it.

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Were talking about jeans here. Created in the 19th century, they were for a long time the symbol of the workers and miners of the American West, who wore them on a daily basis mainly for their comfort, their resistance and their durability.

What to know about jeans

It was since been passed down through the generations to become the extremely popular piece we know today. But if you want your jeans to last you as long as possible, there are some basic rules to follow when washing them.

First important thing to know: jeans are not washed the same way as a t-shirt or underwear. In other words, every time you wear them or almost every time you wear them. Made of a much more durable material, jeans prefer not to go through the wash too often, in which case they might even end up aging... faster.

So, according to the experts at Clothes Doctor, the ideal time to wash jeans is... once a month or so. The site explains that:

If you're one of those people who likes to wash your jeans to get them back in shape, try spraying them instead. This should do the trick and will protect the fabric in the long run.

How to wash your jeans well?

Another tip to avoid ageing your jeans prematurely upon washing them courtesy of Clothes Doctor:

If your denim is in desperate need of refreshing, we recommend turning the garment inside out and adding plenty of fabric softener to prevent the fabric from stiffening.

The idea with jeans is to treat them gently, despite their durability. Over washing them will break apart microfibres and you'll just be going through them faster than you should be. Take a look at the video below to find out how to wash your jeans by hand!

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