Beer on a budget: cheapest cities in the world for a pint

Looking for a budget-friendly holiday that will also take care of your drinking needs, you should plan your next vacation in one of these amazing destinations.

Beer on a budget
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Beer on a budget

There’s nothing like taking a sip of cool refreshing beer in an unknown city. The only set back is that drinking on a holiday can burn a severe hole in your pocket. Lucky for you, has pieced together a list of ten cheap cities that have inexpensive but great beer—and it gets better because four of them are in Europe!

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Cheapest destinations for a pint

Coming in the number one position is a destination that is slightly further from home than we’d like but it should definitely be on your post-pandemic bucket list and that place is Buenos Aires, Argentina. A pint of beer in this South American city is just £1.17! Incredible!

Following Buenos Aires very closely is Prague in Czech Republic, where a pint costs £1.34.

The three other European destinations that have made it to the fourth, fifth and sixth position are all in Poland and they are Wroclaw—where the beer is just £1.70—and Krakow and Warsaw where you can buy a pint for £1.89.

The remaining five destinations are:

  • Mexico City, Mexico: £1.41
  • Moscow, Russia: £2.06
  • Fort Collins, US: £2.87
  • Austin, US: £2.87
  • Grand Rapids, US: £2.87

Most expensive destinations for a pint

These prices are heavenly for beer-lovers, especially when you compare them to the standard prices in the UK. In fact, unsurprisingly, London came fourth on the list of the most expensive places to buy beer—with just one pint costing £5. If you think that’s expensive then you’ll be shocked when you find out that San Francisco is the most expensive place with a pint costing £5.73!

The other destinations included on the list are:

  • Melbourne, Australia: £5.21
  • Boston, US: £5.01
  • Dublin Ireland: £4.70
  • Seattle, US: £4.66
  • Wellington New Zealand: £4.55
  • Edinburgh, UK: £4.48
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