Can You Recognise These Everyday Objects In Extreme Close Up?

Can You Recognise These Everyday Objects In Extreme Close Up?

A new video is challenging internet users to a little game. The goal is to be able to identify the everyday objects you see from their close-up photos taken using macro photography. The answer is revealed a few seconds after each photo appears, when the image then zooms out. In total, there are 15 objects in the video. It’s up to you to try and recognise as many as possible without letting yourself be fooled by their deceiving close-up view.

We use them every day, we think we know exactly what they look like… and yet! We have a little game for you. Try and identify which everyday objects are hidden behind these ultra-zoomed in shots. These 15 objects are part of our everyday life, but this little game allows us to see them from a new point of view.

These strange pictures were made possible thanks to macro photography. This photographic technique allows us to immortalise the ‘little world’, and capture photos of things on a small scale, such as flowers, insects or soda bubbles for example. It offers lots of possibilities and the slightest change in the angle of the shot can completely change the image.

The ‘little world’

If you want to get into macro photography, the most important thing you will need is good equipment… and a lot of patience. Especially if your focus is nature, which by definition, is changing.

Thanks to the progress made in new technologies, it is now also possible to try your hand at macro photography using just your smartphone. To work on a more amateur level, you don’t really need to invest lots of money to do so. All you need is to attach a simple object to your phone with some pliers for a great result.

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To improve your photos, it is especially advisable to get level with the object and use the rule of the thirds. This advice is particularly useful for classic photography.

Check out the video above to see how many you recognise! 

Anna Wilkins
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