Can You See a Silhouette Hidden in This Optical Illusion?

This red circle posted on social networks has driven Internet users crazy. Find out why...

Optical illusion
© Jack ONeil / Playbuzz
Optical illusion

O you lovers of optical illusions, this puzzle is for you! What do you see when you stare at this red circle? This is an enigma that has long puzzled the Web, like that of the famous blue and black or white and gold dress or the Adidas jacket. In this red circle, a drawing has purportedly been hidden... Very well, but which one?

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Jack ONeil / Playbuzz

How eagle-eyed are you?

You have to be a keen observer to be able to see it. At first glance, this is a simple red circle. But stare at it patiently and squint a little ... With enough patience and acuity, the famous drawing ends up coming to the fore for those who persist. And what about you, have you guessed which is the silhouette hiding in this circle? Here's a clue: it is an animal.

Spoiler warning

In any case, many Internet users have racked their brains when faced with this image, ever since its publication on the website Playbuzz, by user Jack ONeil. And while some unfortunate Internet users just see a red circle, others manage to see a kind of shadowy sketch in its centre: it is in fact a silhouette of a horse that appears in this geometric shape! Be careful, it doesn't stop there. Just below the horse, Jack ONiel explains that those with the keenest vision will have an even more precise response, namely that of a horse standing on the grass and strapped with a saddle. Did you see all these details?

If the comments left under the Jack ONeil's post are to be believed, many Internet users have finally found the right answer. Even though some still claim to have seen a dog, rather than a horse...

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