Optical illusion: Is the man in this optical illusion facing you or in profile?

At a glance, this ‘test’ image will allow you to know exactly what your personality is!

Optical illusions
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Optical illusions

Here is a new personality test that may turn your mind upside down. In this picture, you can see a man either facing you or from the side. Be careful, your first answer will allow you to know more about your personality. So think carefully, but above all, take a good look at this image before saying what you really see!

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If you see the man facing you

If you see the man in the picture facing you, you have a very straightforward, sincere, and frank personality. There is no need to beat about the bush, if you have something to say you say it frankly, and without any filters!

You are a very sociable person, open-minded, and you love to discover new things. On the other hand, you like to control everything! One of your greatest qualities is your intuition, you can easily analyse each person and each situation. It's impossible to manipulate you, that's for sure!

If you see the man in profile

If you saw the man in profile at first glance, it is because you are a rather shy person. You don't like to be the centre of attention, which unfortunately costs you many new friendships. You are content with your small circle of sincere friends, which might not be so bad!

You are also a very imaginative person with very good ideas, especially at work. Have more confidence in yourself!

In the video above, you can see the photo that has set the internet on fire. So, do you see this man from the front or the side?

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