Only the most perceptive people can spot the mistake in this picture

The internet is full of challenges that end up going viral. And that is very true for this particular picture that recently went viral due to the mistake it contains. Can you find it?

Viral image
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Viral image

The internet is full of pictures in which you are challenged to find the hidden mistakes, objects or creatures and this photo is no exception.

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This challenge involves a picture of what looks to be a study or an office. It recently went viral because, despite how obvious the mistake may be, very few people have managed to spot it.

In the picture, you can see a table with a laptop, a telephone, a mug, a mouse, a calendar and what looks to be a printer. You can also see part of a chair.

Can you spot the mistake? Onedio

Can you spot the mistake?

Lots of internet users were focusing on the smallest of details and completely missed the most blatant and obvious things...

In the video above, you can find the answer to this puzzle. If you manage to find it, why not share it with your friends to see if they too are able to spot it?

Good luck!

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