Nobody can figure out if it's a man or a dog in this optical illusion

This image has sparked endless debates on social media: what is it really, a man or a dog, walking through the snow?

Man or dog?
© Twitter screenshot
Man or dog?

Here is the latest optical illusion to take social media by fire. In this image, which you can discover a little further down in this article, many Internet users think they see a man with a rucksack seen from the back, walking through snowy woods. Others, however, are convinced that this is simply a picture of a small dog having fun in the snow, probably a poodle. So who is right?

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Man or dog ?

Since the snapshot was posted on Twitter, the two interpretations have been vigorously at odds.

He's a guy with a jacket and a hat running in the woods. I can tell by the gait that it is a person.
Why can't I see the man? I only see the dog.
I am curious to know how people who are seeing a man running could have explained the fact that the man who runs has a giant dog's head coming out of him.

Others, less dogmatic, readily recognize that the image is extremely disturbing, and that you have to look at it several times before getting a proper idea.

And the answer is...

If you your eyes screwed on right, then you will have seen it correctly: this is a little black dog with a shaggy coat who walks happily through the snow. And as one particularly knowledgeable Internet user noted, the image is a perfect example of bistable perception, in other words a visual scene that can make you have several different interpretations.

The whole debate is reminiscent of the classic white and gold/blue and black dress that shook up the internet back in 2015.

Optical illusion: Is the man in this optical illusion facing you or in profile? Optical illusion: Is the man in this optical illusion facing you or in profile?