This fluffy little creature is actually a dangerous insect

It may look cute, but this animal is actually highly dangerous. Touching it could lead to some serious health consequences.

Puss caterpillar
© Getty Images
Puss caterpillar

Known as the ‘puss-caterpillar’, this Megalopyge opercularis larva is really good at looing inconspicuous and harmless. With its fuzz that resembles a small furry animal, this caterpillar could easily be considered innocent.

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Misleading appearances

But beware. Under its silky coat, this animal has venomous spines that can cause extremely severe and painful reactions.

Although this insect’s stings are not fatal, people have said that they can, however, cause some quite serious reactions. Burns, swelling, nausea, headaches, abdominal pains, skin rashes, blisters and even chest pains are not the only symptoms that can appear after coming into contact with this caterpillar.

Mainly found in the United States, Mexico and even other areas of Central America, the Megalopyge opercularis larva generally live in oak trees, citrus trees, rose bushes and even in ivy. If you ever come across one of these insects, it’s probably best to just look at it, but don’t touch it under any circumstances!

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