This optical illusion has completely stumped the internet

The internet is full of optical illusions nowadays, but the latest to date has been driving internet users crazy. Find out why.

Child on a swingset
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Child on a swingset

Whilst you still may be trying to figure what to do today, the internet has just spat out another optical illusion.

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Just a child on a swing set

In this viral optical illusion, you can see someone on a swing set in the snow outside a building. So far, so good. However, in the background of the video, you can hear the person filming, and their friends ask a strange question: which direction is the person facing? And that’s it.

Before being shared on all social media networks, thisoptical illusionfirst appeared on TikTok. It very quickly reached Twitter and started driving fans crazy. As a result, theories quickly started flowing and sides started to form. Nobody could figure out if the person in the distance was facing the camera or the building.

The brain chooses to ignore one of the poles

Questions abound on social media

Ever since it appeared, Twitter users have been tearing their hair out trying to solve the issue.

I can’t figure out which way he is facing…
He’s facing the building, not the camera, I’m sure of it!

I mean, look at his legs and his knees. You couldn’t bend your knees like if you were facing the camera, some users stated. Another user, however, actually decided to do the calculations.

It’s very simple... Look at the angle in front of the swing set and the direction he’s going… He is facing the camera.

Some people instead chose to rationalise this optical illusion and provide a different perspective on the subject.

Right, we have a situation here with not a lot of detail, a lot of contrast, and the angle of these three posts can correspond to two different layouts. The brain chooses to ignore one of the poles so it can determine the orientation of the frame.

So? What do you think? What direction do you think the person is facing?

To see the illusion for yourself, check out the video above!

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