700 McDonald's Restaurants Across the UK Will Be Open For Dine-In Service From Tomorrow

From Wednesday the 22nd of July, 700 McDonald's restaurants across the UK will finally be opening their doors for dine-in table service!

We will soon be able to complete our boozy nights out with a trip to our favourite establishment, McDonald's.

After a successful trial in Ireland, it has been announced that 700 of the fast-food restaurants will be opening for dine-in from Wednesday the 22nd of July all across the UK but sadly excluding Wales.

While 4 stores were open for dine-in from July 15th and many have been open for drive-thru and delivery, tomorrow will mark the first day for many to be able to sit down to enjoy their Big Macs.

However, due to coronavirus concerns, there will be a bit of a catch to the dining experience. From tomorrow patrons who decide to enjoy their meals whilst basking in the ambience of Mickey D's will have to leave their contact details at the table to track and notify patrons of any potential COVID cases.

Customers will be able to fill out the information with their phones or scan a QR code which takes them directly to an online form. Only one person per group is required to fill in the information but they also must leave the size of the group as well as the time and date of their visit.

Of course, there are also the more basic measures in place such as ensuring that customers use hand sanitiser upon entrance and exit of the restaurant, and you can still place your order online, at the till or on the self-order screens which will be sanitised every 30 minutes.

Not to mention that the VAT reduction scheme has resulted in up to 50p price cuts of many of our favourite McDonald's staples.

Also of these 700 stores will also be participating in the 'eat out to help out' scheme leaving customers with a £10 discount off of their purchase, that's 6 double cheeseburgers!

Will fast food restaurants stay open during lockdown? Will fast food restaurants stay open during lockdown?