McDonald's: Woman horrified after finding snail inside her burger

A toy inside your Happy Meal is not the only surprise you can find when you eat McDonalds.

© Brett Jordan/ UNSPLASH

McDonald’s has conjured up a rather nasty reputation of surprising their customers with unexpected finds in their meals—from drugs, to chicken heads, and now a snail! Yes, that’s right.

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This mother-of-two recently found an entire snail inside her McDonald’s burger which she almost fed to her 11-month-old baby.

Snail shell

According to The Sun, Britney Johnson had gone to the McDonald’s drive-thru in Stoke-on-Trent and ordered a chicken steak stack meal, along with a chicken nugget happy meal, and cheese dippers for her family of four. While she was breaking the burger into bite-sized pieces for her child, a crumb happened to fall out. She told the tabloid that she was about to eat the crumb when she noticed something unusual. She said:

I picked it up and realised it was a bit hard on my fingers. I looked at it and saw a shell.
I was shocked. I nearly ate it because I thought it was a crumb. I don’t know if it had come out of the lettuce.
Luckily it was in my meal and I noticed it. But imagine it was my little girl. Imagine if I had given it to my 11-month-old baby.

Getting a refund

Her partner immediately went back to McDonald’s to get a refund for their meal. Johnson said that the branch had been very helpful and apologetic, but the whole incident has changed her mind about the fast-food restaurant completely. She added:

I was mortified. I eat McDonald's quite a bit—and this has put me off.

After the incident, McDonald’s issued a public apology and reiterated that they ‘place great emphasis on quality control.’ A spokesperson said:

As soon as this was brought to our attention, our restaurant team apologised and the customer was offered a full refund and the option for a replacement meal.
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