They opened a McDonald’s burger after 20 years and were horrified by what they saw

If anything, the outcome of these guys' experiment with a McDonald's hamburger should put you off the stuff forever...

20 year-old burger
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20 year-old burger

In 1995, these two Aussiesbought someburgers at a McDonaldsafter a pretty boozy evening, but they didn’t think that over 20 years later, they’d be on TV showing one of them.

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The 'Senior Burger'

So this ‘Senior Burger’, as they had been jokingly calling it, was bought by one of their friends. As they didn’t have time to eat it that night, the friend joked that they should keep it until his next visit.

Twenty years later, Casey and Edward have kept to their word and the famous burger is still sealed in a box, waiting for its owner to come back.

A wild, and frankly gross outcome

And the crazy thing is that, despite it being hard as a rock, the burger hasn’t aged. When they found out how popular this burger was, the two buddies decided to monetise their discovery and createdt-shirts with a picture of the burger on—there’s even a song on iTunes that they wrote about it.

With the proceeds, they’ve been able to give the money they raised to the Beyond Blue association, which helps people with depression and mental disorders. A truly noble cause.

Check out the video above to see the 20-year-old burgers for yourself!

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