How to grab a free drink at McDonald’s

McDonald’s is offering an exciting reward to everyone who registers on their app for the first time.

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In order to motivate their British customers to download the My McDonald’s app, the chain has found a sneaky solution: offer them an exciting freebie to lure them in. This deal might not be as explosive as the time they were giving out free french fries, but everyone loves a freebie—big or small.

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A win-win situation

The good thing about this deal is that it’s awfully easy to earn your free drink. You need to register on the app before 23August and add your preferred drink to your checkout list. Keep in mind that you only have 21 days to use up your freebie.

This offer is exclusive to people who have not registered on the app before. You can download for free on the App Store or PlayStore .

Once you place your order on the app, you can pick up your drink at a store that you've chosen.

Newly registered customers can receive a regular-sized McCafe hot drinkthat includes tea, hot chocolate, and various coffees. Here are some of the options you can choose from:

  • Toffee Latte (£1.69)
  • Cappuccino (£1.49)
  • Flat white (£1.49)
  • Hot chocolate (99p)
  • Black coffee (99p)

New additions to the menu

In more McDonald’s news, the fast food chain has launched five new items that will be on the menu up until mid-August, and it includes a never before seen burger—the McSpicy burger which is priced at £5.49

Another burger they've released is the BBQ Quarter Pound with Cheese which costs £5.09, you can pay an extra pound to add another beef patty in your burger.

McDonald’s has also added Garlic Cheese Bites to their menu, with a box of five costing £1.89. The final additions are two new flavours of McFlurries—Twix and Mars.

McDonald’s is giving away free cheeseburgers, here’s how you can get one McDonald’s is giving away free cheeseburgers, here’s how you can get one