Burger King launches 12 days of free food and special offers

The festive season is all about the spirit of giving and this year Burger King is being extra generous with its customers.

Burger King
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Burger King

To mark the beginning of the festive season,Burger King has launched their 12 Days of Whopper event. The offers of free food and special discounts begin today (1 December) so make sure to take full advantage of their generosity!

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Burger King spreads Christmas joy

For the next twelve days, the fast food chain will be giving their customers something special every day—from free food, to discounts, and special offers. To be involved in the event, all you have to do is download the Burger King app on your phone—yes, it’s that simple.

Some of the surprises you can expect to find in their 12 Days of Whopper event include: Whopper burgers for just £1, buy one and get one free offers with french fries and burgers, free fries and drinks with select burgers, 99p chicken nuggets and onion rings, and a £3.99 Double Cheeseburger Meal.

Although Burger King has revealed most of their offers, they have yet to release what customers can find on 11 December. So, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for that announcement—it could be something major!

Appy Hour

If you're not interested in any of their Christmas deals, then you can always check out their Appy Hour offers.

Every weekday, between 2 and 5 pm, customers ordering from the Burger King app will be able to get burgers for just £3. The burgers that are currently being sold during Appy Hour are the Double Whopper, which is originally priced at £5.49, the Bacon Double Cheese XL (£5.79), and the Roadhouse Crispy Chicken (£5.79).

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