What your McDonald's order says about you

Did you know the type of McDonald's burger you select says a lot about your personality? Find out who you are based on your order.

What your McDonald's order says about you
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What your McDonald's order says about you

McDonald's, the global fast-food chain, has never failed to satisfy demand when it comes to great comfort food. McDonald's has built a solid reputation as a reliable provider of fast meals.

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Recently, a video by a McDonald's employee went viral wherein she explains how, in her experience, the burger you order can say a lot about your personality. In the TikTok video, user Brodyj0j0 says:

What you look like based of your macies (Mac burger), by a macies (Mcdonald's) employee.

So, let's see whether her predictions are true. Do you look like your burger?

Big Mac

Cowboy builders brodyj0j0

The Big Mac, which the lady claims is popular with 'cowboy builders,' was first on the menu.

Sweet chilli chicken wrap

roadmen brodyj0j0

The sweet chilli chicken wrap came next, a popular option among 'roadmen—' slang for adolescent lads who dress in puffer jackets and sportswear and act tough.


'Karens' buy it brodyj0j0

The woman then showed a picture of a McChicken sandwich and joked that 'Karens' usually buy it.

For those who don't know, the stereotype of a 'Karen' is a lady, typically white and from the suburbs, who acts as though she's better than everyone else and complains about things that don't bother other people.

Mayo Chicken

'Gothic' brodyj0j0

According to the employee, 'emos' frequently order the Mayo Chicken.

Vegetable Deluxe Burger

'vegan teacher' brodyj0j0

As the name goes, the Vegetable Deluxe burger was next to a picture of a vegan lady.

In subsequent recordings, the woman discussed the Filet-O-Fish burger, chicken nuggets, and spicy vegetable. She has garnered around 3 million views and many users agreed to the stereotypes.

The employee then said:

Lil disclaimer, these were all done purely as a joke. I don't actually see people like this.

One user agreed and said:

As a mayo chicken lover I can agree, I'm a broke emo.

Another wrote:

Offended - the McChicken deserves better.
Watch the full video here
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