Make the most out of chest day with these vital tips

Nothing feels as good as finishing up the last set of a successful chest day. However, a lot of people don’t pay enough attention to proper technique when working out their pecs. Check the video to a few tips that will up your chest game and have you making more efficient gains in no time!

When looking to hit the bench press, it’s important to remember to keep your shoulders pressed firmly on the bench while at the same time maintaining your chest pushed outwards.

There should be an arch formed by your lower back, but make sure not to force it too much at the risk of injuring yourself. With this technique, the chest is ensured to take the full load of the weight and the shoulders don’t try to compensate.

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When performing flyers, don’t fully complete the movement; stop the motion just before the end. Once you hit the top and bring the weights together, the pectorals are effectively given time to rest and are no longer under tension. For maximum efficiency, it’s key to leave the muscles under tension as much as possible.

And the most often forgotten but maybe the most important: work on your triceps! The triceps often aid the chest in many exercises, so by working on them, you can up the amount of weight you can lift when doing chest exercises. So don’t neglect them!

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