This Is The Best Way To Build Up Your Triceps

There are a multitude of exercises to strengthen your triceps. Only one is better than all the others: tricep extensions with a barbell or dumbbells.

Tricep Workout
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Tricep Workout

The triceps are muscles that are difficult to work with, but are essential for the proper balance of your arm. In fact, they represent 2/3 of your arm. Boosting your biceps is therefore not the only way to have voluminous arms.

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It is therefore imperative to make equal use of your triceps and biceps in order to harmonise your arm as much as possible. To work on them, there are many exercises which are more or less effective, but the one that wins the competition by giving you significant results from the first weeks are tricep extensions.

This exercise combines stretching, concentration and maximum muscle contraction. More than the triceps, pectorals and deltoids are also solicited with this type of exercise when you stabilise your arms. The ideal when you perform your series is to vary the positions and thrust axes in order to work the three bundles of your triceps.

Two tricep extension variants

To do your workout, and especially to diversify it, you can choose between two variations. The first using a barbell, and the second with dumbbells.

It is relatively easier to do the extensions lying down with the barbell since you concentrate the strength of your two arms on a single bar. This allows you to more effectively control the descent, and manage the contractions you perform.

The second variation is done with dumbbells. Unlike the barbell, you don't gather your forces together, so you have to put a lot of energy into the total control of your dumbbells. The advantage here is that you can work each arm independently. So you can choose a dumbbell that is heavier for one, and lighter for the other.

The margin of the progress of these two variations is relatively the same, except that the workout is more deep with a dumbbell and more explosive with a barbell.

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