Having Trouble Building Your Upper Body Strength? Try These 4 Easy Exercises

Whether working out at home without weights, or in the gym with dumbbells in hand, there are many exercises you can do to improve your upper body strength. Chest press, chin ups, press ups the list goes on. If you’re looking to really see changes, these are the exercises you need to do.

To strengthen your upper body, it serves absolutely no purpose tearing your pectorals every day in the gym. If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that the pecs and torso are fundamental to a strong upper body. So not only do you need to take care of them, you need to develop them effectively.

This circuit of four exercises starts off with 6 reps of each, slowly decreasing to 1 repetition as you go through it. The aim is to complete the entire circuit in less than 15 minutes without a rest.

Exercise 1 – Judo press ups:

Lower your chin towards the ground, then follow through with your shoulders and finally your hips. The movement should look like a kind of wave. Finish the repetition by going back the opposite way.

Exercise 2 – Supinated chin ups

This exercise is fairly simple. You should start off with the palm of your hands towards your face and arms spread shoulder width apart. Pull your chest towards the bar and then lower it again in a controlled manner.

Exercise 3 – Inverted shoulder press

With your feet on a bench and your hands on the floor, lift your pelvis so that your chest is almost perpendicular to the floor. Then do a press up like action. You can also do this exercise using a wall instead of a bench.

Exercise 4 – Dumbbell row

The dumbbell row is best known for working the back. In this exercise however, rather than using the bar, take two dumbbells instead. Keep your chest leaning forward and your elbows firmly glued to the body.

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