Four Exercises To Strengthen Your Hamstrings

The hamstrings are muscles much more prominent in everyday life than most people know. Here’s how to strengthen them and avoid injuries.

Four Exercises To Strengthen Your Hamstrings
Four Exercises To Strengthen Your Hamstrings

The hamstring is the muscle we often hear a lot about when it comes to footballers and sprinters, since this muscle located behind the thigh often strains. The hamstring is present in many movements in everyday life.

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Strengthening them is therefore essential for a healthy lifestyle or if you are very active. Having powerful hamstrings allows them to work together with the quadriceps, which are often more developed, and thus contribute towards a better muscle balance in the legs.

How to strengthen the hamstrings?

Above all, this muscle is as strong as it is fragile. Often we see high level athletes tearing the hamstring following a sudden acceleration, so warming up properly is essential. Running or cycling is a great way to achieve this, or raising the heels to the buttocks is also effective.

Then you can begin to strengthen the hamstrings. Four exercises are listed here, however others exist as well.

- Lying leg curls

- Deadlifts

- Good mornings

For those who do not have the proper equipment, hip thrusts are a similar exercise. Begin by lying on your back with your legs raised (on a chair for example), and work the glutes by raising the buttocks, supporting yourself with one of the two legs.

Concentrate on stretching to avoid injury

Once the session is over it is important to stretch the muscles gently to avoid aches, but also to increase flexibility. A stretchier muscle prevents injury, and the hamstrings are often very troublesome.

To stretch properly, the most effective way is to lean down towards the ground, trying to reach the tips of your feet, making your sure your back is even and straight. The other option is by lying down, raising your legs and gently pulling them towards you with your hands.

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