Here's how UK drivers can get £10 worth of free fuel over the bank holiday weekend

UK motorists can get £10 worth of fuel over the bank holiday weekend in a deal that's valid until September 6th.

Nothing is better than free things and free fuel is no exception, especially considering how expensive it normally is.

So, whether you're planning a bit of a road trip over the long weekend or just need to run some quick errands it may be worth taking advantage of TopCashback's petrol deal. All you need to do is keep your receipt.

The deal is valid if you purchase your fuel from either Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Asda, the Co-operative, Esso, BP, Texaco, Gulf, Jet, Murco or Shell stations.

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How does it work?

Getting your £10 of free fuel is easy.

1. First, you need to sign up for free to TopCashback.

2. Then spend £10 on fuel from one of the providers listed above and keep hold of the receipt.

3. After, take a photo of it and submit it to TopCashback under Offers> Snap and Save.

Keep in mind that the picture of the receipt must contain the date and time, where the gas was purchased, and specify that it was fuel that was purchased.

4. Once the receipt has been submitted the company will add the submission to your member account within 7 days and after 30 days your cashback will be payable to your bank account.

Unfortunately, the offer is only valid to new TopCashback members so if you're already a member then it might be time to hit up that mate that's always asking for a lift.

The site has also limited the cashback deal to £10,000 meaning you best get in quick.

The offer is running from the 24th of August all the way up to 23:59 pm on the 6th of September 2020.

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