Flight Industry Insider Explains How You Can Travel the World Without Breaking the Bank

In a recent Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) post, a professional 'cheap flight' finder, Scott of Scott's Cheap Flights opened up about his business and how others can actively find cheap travel tickets in order to see the world on a budget!

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Scott Keyes started Scott's Cheap Flights back in 2015, a dream that had been born on Reddit went from something he did just as a hobby, to a career and a company with over 35 employees.

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Recently, Scott took to Reddit (where it all started) to give back to the community that supported him from the beginning. He ended up running a 14hour AMA stint where he answered questions from other users varying from travel tips like where his personal favourite spots to travel are (he's a big fan of Tokyo and Mexico), how you can try getting upgraded to business class to how to track the best deals.

He claims that 'we're living in the Golden Age of Cheap Flights' however very few people know it and more and more people think flights are actually getting more expensive. His goal is to show everyone that 'travel is no longer just for the rich; it's for all of us.'

It seems as though 'mistake fares' are something that happens a lot more often than we thought and platforms like Scott's Cheap Flights make it their business to stay in the know about these 'hot deals' and share the news with their subscribers so that they can take advantage of these amazing savings. Sometimes we may be able to happen upon these deals ourselves, but we usually have to be really lucky.

Scott likes to boast that he once found and purchased a round trip flight from Milan to New York for just $130. Others who have used his services praised him for similar experiences like a round trip flight from Los Angeles to Rome at just $239 that normally averages almost $1000 a flight.

Other opportunities he looks out for are when airlines are trying to fill a flight anticipating there will be some empty seats. In order to recoup costs from lack of passengers, they drastically reduce the seat price in order to essentially break even or lose less money on that seat.

Scott also debunked some common travel myths such as "you can buy the cheapest tickets on Tuesdays", or that there's a specific time of the week/year to book flights. This is all a Myth. The fact of the matter is, deals tend to come up sporadically and unless you're looking on a daily and hourly basis you will miss out on a lot of them.

There are other good ways you can get better deals on flights such as following your local airport on social media platforms. They often like to let people know about last-minute deals you can snag. It's also often much better to book flights directly through an airline over going through a travel agency, as they can charge fees that will add to the cost of your trip.

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