How can you reduce your car's fuel consumption and save money?

Gas takes up a big chunk of drivers' budgets, but there are ways to cut fuel costs, such as paying attention to how you drive. Here are some tips to lower your fuel consumption.

How can you reduce your car's fuel consumption and save money?
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How can you reduce your car's fuel consumption and save money?

Want to save hundreds of pounds a year? It's super easy, but you'll have to change how you drive. We've put together a list of tips to save you a few coins.

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How can you save money while still driving?

Real-life isn't "Need for Speed." There's no miracle, you have to drive a certain way to reduce your vehicle's fuel consumption:

- The main trick is simply to accelerate and slow down gradually, then downshift at red lights rather than hit the brake.

- Drive at a steady speed, ideally with cruise control, if your car has it.

- Shift gears at the right time. Obviously, sub-revs and over-revs put more stress on the engine.

- Take it easy during the first kilometres of your ride. It's the easiest way to warm up your car, instead of overheating it from the start and burning through fuel for no reason.

- Turn off the air conditioning when it isn't absolutely necessary.

Spare your engine

- Take your foot off the gas pedal when you're going downhill. But never "freewheel", as this can be dangerous.

- Turn off your engine if you plan to stop for more than 30 seconds, or use the start and stop.

- On the highway, lower your speed to 120 or even 110 km/h. You won't fall too far behind on your schedule but will save a lot.

- Close the windows when driving at high speed. An open window counteracts aerodynamics.

- Remove your bars or roof box when you're not using them.

- Use real-time traffic GPS to avoid traffic jams and slowdowns.

Another, more radical tip: carpooling, of course, is a very economical alternative that will help you use your own vehicle less.

How can you reduce fuel consumption?

In addition to eco-driving, these simple tricks will further reduce your vehicle's fuel consumption:

- An under-inflated tire increases consumption. So make sure your tires have the recommended pressure every month and consider investing in tires that have low rolling resistance.

- Regularly check your oil and coolant.

- Also, check the air filter. If it's dirty, it increases your car's fuel consumption.

- Check gas station prices to find the cheapest ones.

Each one of the tips mentioned above only reduces your car's fuel consumption by a few percentage points, but if you follow all of them, you will not only be able to drive much further with a full tank, but you'll also significantly reduce your fuel budget.

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