Police reveal a trick that can help you get out of a speeding ticket

Members of the police have come forth to give some solid tips on how to expertly avoid ever paying a speeding ticket. It seems almost too simple, but it’s sure to have a near perfect success rate.

police speeding ticket
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police speeding ticket

Jump in your vehicle, buckle up your safety belt, and get off on the highway. However, make sure to keep in mind a few of these effective tips some members of the national police gave to ensure you never get hit with a pesky speeding ticket.

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Here are their three pieces of totally not ironic advice:

1. There are circular signs often on the side of the road. The number that you find encircled in indicates the maximum speed that you can travel at without being bothered by the police.

2. There’s a small indicator found in your car, usually on the dashboard in front of the driver’s seat. This indicator will display a number that tells you the speed at which you are currently travelling.

3. Adjust the number you find on your dashboard’s indicator in relation to the numbers on the signs on the road. Typically, you want that number to be equal or a bit less than what you see on the signs. This step is the trickiest one.

Follow these three steps and shockingly you won’t see another speeding ticket. It takes time to master these tricks, but once you do it really becomes quite easy.

Want to see the hack in action? Check the video above and see how you can live a life with no speeding tickets!

Police Have Revealed A Foolproof Way To Avoid Getting A Speeding Ticket Police Have Revealed A Foolproof Way To Avoid Getting A Speeding Ticket