A New Disgusting Challenge Is Becoming More And More Popular Among European Teenagers

There’s a new, rather disgusting phenomenon that is gaining popularity among teenagers, especially in Spain. And one day, it could end up coming to England.

Let’s head over to the East of Spain, to the municipality of Segorbe to be more precise. In this municipality that is not too far from Valencia, teenagers have been playing quite an unpleasant game.

What game, we hear you asking? Well, it involves… defecating in public swimming pools. Disgusting, don’t you agree? As it turns out, the swimming pool in Segorbe has been forced to close twice because of this challenge.

And according to El Periódico Mediterráneo, it seems this challenge is actually gaining popularity. Apparently, swimming pools in Catarroja, Massanassa and Tavernes Blanques have also been affected.

These establishments were closed after teenagers between the ages of 12 and 16 decided to defecate in the pool, film themselves doing so, and then later share it online. This challenge is actually quite dangerous, however, since faeces is full of bacteria.

This kind of challenge is annoying for two reasons since disinfecting the pool takes several hours to do. And the only way to clean the water is to add even more chlorine.

Pool workers say they have ‘never experienced anything like it before’. We really hope this challenge doesn’t become a global phenomenon.

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