KFC: Woman makes a disgusting discovery while eating Hot Wings (Photo)

A young woman in the UK discovered a piece of chicken that didn't belong in her KFC Hot Wings.

KFC meal
© Aleks Dorohovich / Unsplash
KFC meal

A resident of Twickenham, south-west London, may never set foot in KFC again after ordering Hot Wings and discovering a rare but frankly disgusting production defect.

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Chicken head

She thought she would brighten up her day with some crispy, melt-in-the-mouth Hot Wings, but her meal was short-lived. When Gabrielle received her order from KFC in Feltham, Twickenham, she had no idea of the surprise that awaited her.

When she opened her box of Hot Wings (for the uninitiated, Hot Wings are simply breaded and spiced chicken wings), the woman discovered a whole chicken head.

Of course, this was completely unplanned and was in fact an extremely rare production flaw. Disgusted, Gabrielle didn't manage to finish her lunch and didn't fail to indicate her disgust on the JustEat app by giving the restaurant 2 stars!

'But what does it take to get a star,' mocked one internet user. 'If you're meat eaters, you don't have to complain about seeing what you're actually eating for once,' said another.

An unfortunate production flaw

Contacted by The Sun, KFC said it was astonished and sorry:

We were really quite surprised by this picture (...) To put it simply, we serve real chicken, and we're proud of that, but [this chicken head] has bypassed the strict processes we put in place with our suppliers.

The Sun reports that Gabrielle and her family were invited into the restaurant's kitchens to see how the Hot Wings are prepared. Not sure if this will make the young Brit want to take another batch...

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